Annual Memorial Day Fish Toss at Boulder Resevoir

An award-winning restaurant management company that owns and operates 6 restaurant concepts in 9 locations along Colorado’s Front Range.

The Big Red F Restaurant Group never had aspirations of being anything close to a group, a company or a collection.

We just thought we knew what good food tasted like and how to serve it with a smile just a bit more intelligently than anyone else at the time. Whether that is true or not is tough to say because in a town like Boulder, Colorado, there are a lot of smart people making incredible food and serving it with intention. But that was our start.

Since then, every day before service, we all talk about how this meal period on this day is going to be the best one yet.

Running a successful multi-concept restaurant company is like juggling ice on a hot day. You have a very short window to make an impression, and then you have to start over again, and again, and again. And that’s before lunch even begins on a Monday.

We make a concerted effort to be aware of the very people and the very community that has given us our success. In doing so, Big Red F Restaurant Group actively participates in many charities and organizations along the Colorado front range and beyond.

Our efforts are focused directly with community partners who are making substantial and significant impacts on people’s lives and the way in which they live.

We will never forget that our success is the direct effect of every single customer who has ever pulled on our doors. And for that, we are and will be forever in gratitude and service to all those who have become our loyal customers and friends over the last two decades.

Come eat and take a load off (or put one on) soon.


Dave Query


Tiffany Richards


Jamey Fader


Jen Broyles

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS (zolo, lola, centro, post, wet)

Adam Reed

EXECUTIVE MANAGER (jax fish house)

Iva Townsend

TEL: (303) 261-2940

Dawn Ritchison

TEL: (303) 448-9182 x12

Cindy DiSanto

TEL: (303) 448-9182 x11

John Carlson

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