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Video: Dave & Dana Query, Sheila Lucero, Talk Boulder Community During COVID-19

Rory from Third Street Chai sat down with Big Red F to chat about taking care of the community through this pandemic. Boulder 4 Boulder is a brand new web series exploring how local Boulder businesses and their employees are navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Silver Linings & Safety Measures

We hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather – and giving some sort of distant thoughts to a dreamy summer experience. An easy picnic with family, a small garage concert with friends, whatever the new paradigm of activities is going to look like as we move forward out of this… READ MORE –> Click HERE to view the PDF of the newsletter. Sign-up for the Big Red F Newsletter below in our website footer. Did you know all of our restaurants are on DoorDash? Get yourself some delivery HERE.

The Problem With PPP Loans

Good Day Good Friends. Another week down, another 1896.5 things to consider and reconsider. We had a great and successful patio pop-up last week at Jax LoDo, Boulder and FoCo. For all of you who took part, we hope you enjoyed everything. We will be making some changes moving forward as we learn how to do these types of things better—more recipes, instructions, and “how tos.” This coming week we are rocking it out at Lola with a bunch of great items on the menu, which is attached. The deadline for ordering is tomorrow, Wednesday, at noon. Pick up is […]

Dave Query Speaks Out On the New Restaurant Reality

When disasters strike, it’s usually the restaurant community that rallies and picks up the pieces. Hurricane Katrina, forest fires, 9/11, the 2008 economic crisis… the list of events and tragedies we’ve experienced in this country in recent years is long, and every recovery was anchored by chefs and restaurants showing up with our portable gear to do what we do—cook food for people. The simple act of eating in community during crisis is as soul-filling as it gets. Restaurants have always been gathering places. The word restaurant means to restore,and restaurateurs are therefore “restorers.” That’s what we do: We take […]

A Statement From DQ

Hello Our Dear Friends, There’s just a world of hurt with this COVID-19 virus that came on so fast for all of us. One minute we are filling out March Madness brackets, and the next we are calling off college and professional sports seasons, closing schools and campuses, and turning the lights off at Disney. Shocking is putting it mildly, but it’s exactly what we need to do. Know in your hearts and minds that we at Big Red F Restaurant Group are doing all and everything to create a safe and clean environment (as are all of the restaurants […]


Running a business is hard these days. Razor-thin margins, rising costs, financial challenges at every turn. No one ever held a gun to any entrepreneur’s head and forced them to open their own business—it’s a personal decision made stone cold sober or high as a kite. Bitching and whining about how hard it is is like wishing you hadn’t taken up sky diving as the altimeter is dropping–your choice, your outcome. However, as with most everything, it is getting harder and harder to run a business with a mindset towards doing the right thing. Guests will certainly leap onto a […]

How One CU Professor Uses Mole to Connect With Her Mexican Roots—and the Boulder Community

Centro Mexican Kitchen features Carmen Pacheco-Borden’s delicious moles at a sold-out dinner, plus mole specials for the entire month of March Growing up in Sonora, Mexico, Carmen Pacheco-Borden remembers eating mole—a dish based on a thick, richly flavored sauce—for dinner at least once a month. Like many Mexican families, their mole typically came from a jar. The prepackaged Doña Maria brand was their go-to, meant to offer convenience and ease for busy families. As an adult living in Boulder, Colorado and fixing dinner for her own family, Carmen soon realized that prepackaged mole sauce was anything but convenient. “You always […]

Oui, Oui EEmehrikhan

It was October of 1987, right around the beginning of the third week, when Black Monday occurred: The largest US stock market crash since Black Tuesday in 1929. With President Reagan at the big desk, the DOW on the morning of October 19th was at 2200 points and took a 508 point dump, the largest free-fall in history. That is a universe away from its current comet ride towards the sun. The drop, a 22.6% free fall, would take today’s 28,000 point hayride to $21,672 – still 10x as much as that gut punch in 1987. One month to the […]

Culinary Director Kyle Mendenhall Finds Colorado Connection Through Foraging

  Growing up in California, I always liked the outdoors. But when I combined the outdoors with cooking, it was really two passions coming together. Since I was a teenager, my family has had a cabin in Colorado. Our land is located between Rifle and Grand Junction, perched right at the edge of the incredible Grand Mesa National Forest. It’s the sort of off-the-grid place with no electricity that I try to make it out to every summer with my family. It was at the cabin that I first discovered how much I loved foraging. Finding special ingredients that naturally […]

Farmers Are My Heroes

I’ve never met a farmer who wasn’t the hardest working person I’ve ever met. In the days before skippy chefs said “We are farm-to-table,” it was always farm-to-table when things were growin’. Pickin’ in the morning at a farm and going into work with the goods was called gettin shit to cook tonight on the way into work. The early farmers I knew selling to restaurants had a hard go of it. We were unreliable, our needs changed often and some of us didn’t pay our bills. A farmer would get asked to grow something very specific, which they’d commit […]