Community Spotlight 2014


Paula DuPré Pesmen is a local hero whose dedication, kindness, and generosity have helped hundreds of families in the Boulder / Denver community.  In 2005 she left a successful feature film career to found There With Care, a non-profit whose simple mission is to support families with children facing critical illnesses.  Whether it’s with a ride to and from the hospital, a home-made meal, grocery deliveries, or everyday household supplies, There With Care works closely with each family to ensure they receive the support that they need.

“We can’t make the kids better,” says Pesmen, “but we can give parents more time with their families by easing their day to day stresses.”

Working with local partners such as Rudi’s Bakery, Crocs, Illegal Pete’s, Chipotle, Girl Scout Troops, Community Food Share, Boulder Toyota, and The Big Red F, There With Care has brought the community together not only with in-kind donations and much-needed goods, but also with a true sense of caring, kindness, and generosity.

“I feel so blessed that every day we are so fortunate to see the good in people, whether it’s a mechanic or a lawyer, whether it’s someone who’s bringing us jam, someone who’s bringing us laundry soap, someone who’s delivering a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving,” says Pesmen.  “Everybody’s involved, everybody’s part of it, and when you build that support around a family they really feel it, and it makes a difference for them.  Whatever the outcome, they know that they’re not alone.”

Today, beginning its tenth year of service, There With Care has over 600 volunteers and has helped nearly 1,700 families in the Boulder / Denver community.  In 2012 they launched a Northern California chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area, and funding for a Los Angeles chapter is already in the works.

“Someday I’d like to see There With Care at children’s hospitals across the country,” says Pesmen.  “Everywhere you go there is a need.  And everywhere you go there are people who want to help.  We are just the conduit connecting those families with the community.”

Pesmen has also continued to fuel her career as a filmmaker and since 2005 has produced three award-winning documentaries: The Cove, Chasing Ice, and most recently Keep On Keepin’ On.

For more information about There With Care, please visit