The Boulder Community is in a world of sadness this week with the tragic death of Kelsey Skokan last Friday evening. The Skokan Family has been a major pillar of our food family in Boulder County for three-plus decades, starting back when Eric and Jill were running Alice’s Restaurant at The Gold Lake Resort. I have written many times in this newsletter and other publications about the nature of how the Skokans approach business and life — which for them has been a tight hand-hold since the beginning. The Skokans are farmers. Board members. Chefs. Restaurateurs. Cookbook authors. Entrepreneurs. But most of all – parents – and the kindest and loveliest and hardest working people in all of our industry. Please reach out and help this family during this tragic and unimaginable time in their lives. And every bit of support you can put towards the businesses they are involved in for many years to come will help them immensely.

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Dave Query