Don’t Drink & Drive


Hi Friends.

We send a few of these BRF newsletters out a year. Last year, a couple of ’em had to do with President Trump and the Colorado Weed Industry snatching away restaurant employees. Those two in particular garnered some fiery responses and pissed some folks off – a few calling for boycotts of BRF Restaurants and an online campaign. Man, that’s a lot of free time in my day I wish I had. So. No Trump/weed comments this year, that wind ain’t worth it.

Instead – just big love and appreciation for all the support those of you reading this might have given to one or many of our family of Big Red F restaurants this last year. Give that dining choice to us, or give it to the other so many truly amazing restaurants in Boulder and Denver and FoCo and beyond – but please give it early and often. Your choice to dine out creates a really rare and vibrant community of culinary which we’ve enjoyed in Colorado to new heights lately, and now with all our friends in Missouri and all the amazing restaurants in KC too.

Please support your servers and bartenders when you’re eating out. The competition is crazy right now, like never before, and every one of these restaurant employees working in all these amazing restaurants – some brand new and some really old – are working their asses off. And please be kind when you launch on to Yelp, or Google+ or Facebook with angry words for the sake of trying to sound like a snarky Anthony Bourdain.

And most important to any of this particular rant – please be careful when you drink and drive. As someone whose been serving alcohol to guests in restaurants that I’ve been responsible for owning for over 31 years now – I can say without exception that this last year has seen more people drinking with more intention to drinking – than in the last two+ decades.  Lots on the minds of everyone so please lean towards precaution and be careful. Be smart. And please always call for a ride, which will cost you only about $12.29, instead of $11,542 and a year of monitored sobriety. If you can’t figure it clearly at that moment of deciding – “do I drive or am I smart” – then let us know and we will get you home safely and you’ll be able to drive the kids skiing this weekend. And on the occasion when we do have to cut you off in one of these restaurants of ours, or someone else around town suggests a big glass of water because you’ve had close to enough to drink and we are looking out for everyone’s safety around you especially yours and ours – understand that you’re the drunk at that point – and all of us collectively are at work, and aren’t.

Please check out The Post Brewing Company tomorrow night, Friday, February 2nd on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives at 7:00 pm.

Big love to all y’all and thank you so much for being our guests.

Dave Query