DQ & Hick Video Still

Jax Denver celebrated National Oyster Day with the help of Governor John Hickenlooper, who served as the honorary Head Shucker alongside BRF Owner Dave Query.

Hickenlooper is no stranger to the LoDo restaurant scene, but actually helped transform the once dangerous and derelict neighborhood into the cultural hotspot and “sports fan’s paradise” that it is today.

He opened Denver’s first brewery, The Wynkoop Brewing Co. on 18th street, in 1988, the same year that the City of Denver declared LoDo a historic district. Wynkoop set the standard for other businesses in the area, and by the time the Colorado Rockies arrived in 1993 the neighborhood was well on its way to becoming the liveliest and most-visited in Denver.

Though he no longer runs The Wynkoop, Governor Hickenlooper enjoys getting back to his old stomping grounds now and then.