It’s A Double Rainbow

Good Day Good Friends.

We hope that this email finds you all safe and healthy.
We are getting some inklings and sound bites that there will be some opening announcements around May 25th from Governor Polis. Not that we can open on the 25th, just that we will have some guidance. That is exciting.
There is also some encouraging news around patio expansions and being able to spill out into the streets for dining, which will create some space and open air. The challenge around all of this is to not fully close streets, as that will create a negative effect for retailers and restaurants in the middle of the block. Need to find the balance that allows for easy take-away and curbside delivery and some additional patio space. I think there will be a great compromise coming soon.
Big standing ovation and cap-throw towards the sky for all of you graduates…READ MORE →
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Dave Query