We have seen a few grow along the front range over the years. When we launched Lola 10 years ago in the old Olinger Mortuary, we were one of only a few joints you could get a proper drink and a hot plate of food in that ‘hood. Now, the ever-growing LoHi neighborhood offers 4,500 dining seats in over 40 restaurants – all in the last 10 years.

When Jax LoDo opened in 1996 in the old Terminal Bar location, we had to stop the 8:00am happy hour for several reasons – none very good, as I reflect back. It was us, McCormick’s, Morton’s, Wazee Supper Club and The Wynkoop Brewery. Now, it’s just nuts how many restaurants, hotels and bars – oh yeah, and a baseball stadium – are within five blocks in each direction.

But nothing compares to the changes the West End of Pearl Street in Boulder has seen over the last 30 years. I remember in the 70’s when you could drive from 9th St. to 15th St. – straight down Pearl before the Mall was built. Housed in the old Red Cross of Boulder building,¬†West End Tavern literally gave birth and name to a new part of Boulder when it opened in 1987. Pasta Jay’s was across the street, Narayan’s, Pour La France on the corner, Juanitas and Tom’s Tavern – 5 restaurants and that was it. Now there are 23 restaurants and coffee shops on the four blocks that make up the West End of Pearl Street.

West End Tavern celebrates 30 years of being F’n amazing at 926 Pearl St. this October – so lean in sometime soon and have some delicious grub and sample one of the deepest bourbon collections in the 303.

Here comes summa’¬†time and everything that makes it amazing – hope you and your family make it the best one yet!

And P.S. – if you haven’t had an Ol’ Zippy American Ale from The Post Brewing Company yet – pick some up at a liquor store nearby. It’s an exceptional breakfast beer – clean, light, extraordinarily well-balanced and low in alcohol. It’s crisp malt flavor and snappy hop aroma goes great with eggs, omelettes and pancakes – and any other beer need you may have before 10:00am. Drink it early and often.


Dave Query