Operating Award-Winning Restaurants in Colorado since 1994

Big Red F was created in 1994 by chef Dave Query who has a long history with food in Boulder.

Each kitchen is strongly driven by passionate Chefs, sourcing ingredients with integrity and practicing technique to its best measure.

Behind the bar, our mixologists are crafting delicious cocktails and assembling wine and beer lists built on local intelligence and value.

And in our dining rooms are a collection of general managers striving to ensure a level of hospitality and graciousness that will always be genuine and memorable.

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Oui, Oui EEmehrikhan

It was October of 1987, right around the beginning of the third week, when Black Monday occurred: The largest US stock market crash since Black Tuesday in 1929. With President Reagan at the big desk, the DOW on the morning of October 19th was at 2200 points and took a 508 point dump, the largest free-fall in history. That is a universe away from its current comet ride towards the sun. The drop, a 22.6% free fall, would take today’s 28,000 point hayride to $21,672 – still 10x as much as that gut punch in 1987. One month to the […]

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