Operating Award-Winning Restaurants in Colorado since 1994

Big Red F … what does that F stand for, you ponder? We like to say it is the F in Family and Friends, in FUN, in sometimes Funny and always Festive. It’s the first letter of the word Fish, which we like to eat and do, in the verb sense of the word (but we like to catch, more).

That F stands for Fresh, like our food and our style and because we strive to always keep it real. The F is F’ Yeah because food is fresh and food is fine…we need food to survive, but eating great food in fun rooms with people helping you who grow to feel like family, we Feel, is just a better way to live.

Family, Friends, Fun, Festive, Fish, Fresh…and F’ Yeah!


Founded in 1994 with a couple nickels to rub together, a love of cooking, and a dream. Over 26 years, thousands of employees, and millions of guests later, and we’re still having FUN.

Come join in!



F Club Episode 9: Oyster Month Round Table

In celebration of Oyster Month at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar, Dave and Jax Executive Chef Sheila Lucero talk with oyster growers and experts.

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The Big Red F Guide to Picnicking

It’s picnic season! Check out our mini guide to our favorite picnic-ready parks near our restaurants.

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Colorado Healing Fund

Donate to The Colorado Healing Fund to support the needs of victims, families, and community affected by the Boulder Supermarket tragedy.