Operating Award-Winning Restaurants in Colorado since 1994

Big Red F was created in 1994 by chef Dave Query who has a long history with food in Boulder.

Each kitchen is strongly driven by passionate Chefs, sourcing ingredients with integrity and practicing technique to its best measure.

Behind the bar, our mixologists are crafting delicious cocktails and assembling wine and beer lists built on local intelligence and value.

And in our dining rooms are a collection of general managers striving to ensure a level of hospitality and graciousness that will always be genuine and memorable.

Query Me This

The latest from our main Instigator, DQ

A Statement From DQ

Hello Our Dear Friends, There’s just a world of hurt with this COVID-19 virus that came on so fast for all of us. One minute we are filling out March Madness brackets, and the next we are calling off college and professional sports seasons, closing schools and campuses, and turning the lights off at Disney. Shocking is putting it mildly, but it’s exactly what we need to do. Know in your hearts and minds that we at Big Red F Restaurant Group are doing all and everything to create a safe and clean environment (as are all of the restaurants […]

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