Operating Award-Winning Restaurants in Colorado since 1994

Big Red F Restaurant Group is in the business of people. The people we work with and the people we welcome everyday as our guests. Our success and longevity are due to the many unique, funky, authentic, righteous, passionate, amazing, humble, honest, hardworking and dedicated people who have worked within our walls and under our roofs since 1994.

The Big Red F Family is independently owned and operated and consists of 17 locations among 6 unique brands including Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar, Centro Mexican Kitchen, West End Tavern, The Post Chicken & Beer, Big Red F Catering+Provisions and the soon to launch Velvet Elk Lounge.

Founded in 1994 with a couple nickels to rub together, a love of cooking, and a dream. Over 27 years, thousands of employees, and millions of guests later, and we’re still having fun.
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F Club Episode 10: DQ Chats With Doug Emerson of University Bicycles

In this episode of the F Club Podcast, Dave Query (DQ) chats with Doug Emerson, founder of University Bicycles.

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fresh pie at the post chicken & beer

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Personal Peace

This time of Covid has been remarkably incredible on a grip of levels. 21 months of the word Corona meaning something other than Mexican beer. All the challenges and trials […]

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