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F Club Episode One: Chatting Green Chiles with Chet

  Our own Dave Query is joined by Chet Anderson of The Fresh Herb Co. farm in Boulder, Colorado. They discuss all things green chiles: how to shop for and prepare them, the secrets to Chet’s amazing Green Chili Stew (RECIPE BELOW) and why Colorado-grown Pueblo chiles are superior to New Mexico’s famed Hatch variety…trigger warning for all you New Mexico folks out there! LISTEN HERE: GET CHET’S CHILI VERDE  STEW RECIPE: Click here to download the recipes! F Club podcast is produced by Big Red F Restaurant Group. Music and editing by Stanton Sutton


The Boulder Community is in a world of sadness this week with the tragic death of Kelsey Skokan last Friday evening. The Skokan Family has been a major pillar of our food family in Boulder County for three-plus decades, starting back when Eric and Jill were running Alice’s Restaurant at The Gold Lake Resort. I have written many times in this newsletter and other publications about the nature of how the Skokans approach business and life — which for them has been a tight hand-hold since the beginning. The Skokans are farmers. Board members. Chefs. Restaurateurs. Cookbook authors. Entrepreneurs. But […]


When I opened Zolo 26 years ago, many of my chef heroes at the time were entrenched in Southwest cooking. Brendan Walsh of Arizona 206 in NYC, Michael McCarty of Michael’s in Santa Monica, and our own “local- Detroit transplant” Jimmy Schmidt at The Rattlesnake Club in Denver. The food was bold, centered, and exciting. When I had Chef Mark Miller from The Coyote Cafe cooking in my Zolo kitchen a few years after we opened, it was like Christmas, Easter, my birthday, and 4th of July mornings all in one moment for me. I love this food and the history […]

Douglass D.

Douglass D. Query, my dad, was one of those dads that every friend of mine wished they had as their own. He was funny. Really funny. Interesting, smart, current, and would play Going to California on the radio and look back with his 30th daily cigarette lip dangling and say “that’s the big LZ”. He engaged in conversation with us, and that was never something I experienced with most of my friends’ fathers, as they mostly seemed more serious and aloof when I was younger. He’d sit and talk and ask random questions and hilariously probe—fact-finding to an almost gossipy level probe—which […]

Groundhog Day – With Blue Skies

Greetings – Another sunny day, another opportunity to breathe deep, exhale, and then possibly drink too much. I keep waking up wanting to say, “WOW, Dana wake up, let me tell you about this absurd dream I had last night. The restaurants were all closed, there was a global pandemic, all kinds of businesses and industries were just getting wrecked, and over 100,000 people in the US died from something called Covid.” Except in reality, she is always up before me and sees me bleary eyed and says, “mornin’, want some coffee?” and it sinks in again that the only thing remotely groundhog dazey about any […]

Sunshine Daydream

Good Day Good Friends. I must say this sunny and warm weather does have a way of making all things seem somewhat better. It’s still rainy and cold and dark back in parts to the East. ‘Nother week, ‘nother set of rules, expectations, measurements, and variable facts. But we are certainly inching closer to something than further away from it… READ MORE → Click HERE to view the PDF of the newsletter. Sign-up for the Big Red F Newsletter below in our website footer to stay up to date.

It’s A Double Rainbow

Good Day Good Friends. We hope that this email finds you all safe and healthy. We are getting some inklings and sound bites that there will be some opening announcements around May 25th from Governor Polis. Not that we can open on the 25th, just that we will have some guidance. That is exciting. There is also some encouraging news around patio expansions and being able to spill out into the streets for dining, which will create some space and open air. The challenge around all of this is to not fully close streets, as that will create a negative […]

Video: Dave & Dana Query, Sheila Lucero, Talk Boulder Community During COVID-19

Rory from Third Street Chai sat down with Big Red F to chat about taking care of the community through this pandemic. Boulder 4 Boulder is a brand new web series exploring how local Boulder businesses and their employees are navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Silver Linings & Safety Measures

We hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather – and giving some sort of distant thoughts to a dreamy summer experience. An easy picnic with family, a small garage concert with friends, whatever the new paradigm of activities is going to look like as we move forward out of this… READ MORE –> Click HERE to view the PDF of the newsletter. Sign-up for the Big Red F Newsletter below in our website footer. Did you know all of our restaurants are on DoorDash? Get yourself some delivery HERE.

The Problem With PPP Loans

Good Day Good Friends. Another week down, another 1896.5 things to consider and reconsider. We had a great and successful patio pop-up last week at Jax LoDo, Boulder and FoCo. For all of you who took part, we hope you enjoyed everything. We will be making some changes moving forward as we learn how to do these types of things better—more recipes, instructions, and “how tos.” This coming week we are rocking it out at Lola with a bunch of great items on the menu, which is attached. The deadline for ordering is tomorrow, Wednesday, at noon. Pick up is […]